‘I Have Nothing To Prove to You’ – Captain Marvel Review

I’m a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). But let’s face it. it’s a sausage factory. A very good sausage factory, but a factory all the same. After a decade, 20 films in, Marvel Studios has perfected their recipe. Some films are better than others, but all share a quality. You know walking in what you’re getting.

Captain Marvel

Marvel Studios extrude a savory mishmash of comic book nostalgia, a dollop of genre specific theme (spy drama, whodunit, buddy movie, heist movie) a dash of Stan the Man, (Excelsior!) a sprinkle of forgettable villainy, heaps of humor, blue lasers from space, explosions and an Infinity Stone. Now, this is not a criticism, far from it. This wide range of director driven comic book movies all sharing a universe benefit from this consistency and the Infinity Stones were the unifying principle.

I have enjoyed Marvel Studios efforts to date very much. Black Panther earned three Oscars and made me weep with joy! Marvel Studios financial and critical success made competitors take notice and step up their game.
Warner Bros. after lackluster efforts with DC Comics biggest properties Batman & Superman, led to the excellent Wonder Woman and better than it had a right to be Aquaman.

It’s a great time to be a geek! But, something was missing. What was obvious to everyone after Warner Bros. Wonder Woman, that defied both critical and financial expectations, as I called Marvel Studios out in my review “IT’S WONDERFUL! – A Spoiler Free Take on WONDER WOMAN.” Marvel had a serious gender issue. They took their time but it was worth the wait. Captain Marvel features a powerful woman protagonist, with an inspiring, noble outlook wearing a uniform not made for the male gaze. She is the Marvel hero my kids and I were waiting for. The MCU is no longer a “sausage fest” (see what I did there?) and she’s just what the doctor ordered!

There has been not insignificant hate from, let’s face it, who ALWAYS gets bent out of shape about representation that’s not their own? You guessed it, angry white men online. All of whom seem to be brilliant undiscovered screenwriters. Incensed by imagined insults to “traditional male gender performance” triggered by perceived threats to their cherished masculinity.
Before the movie even premiered, They hated charities or initiatives to help underprivileged girls like the one featured in an earlier article I wrote about the film. “Send Girls to See Captain Marvel!” That was signal boosted by the star Brie Larson on Twitter who suggested a Captain Marvel Challenge much like the Black Panther Challenge earlier last year.

Captain Marvel star Clark Gregg has a message for the trolls and haters who have been slamming the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film. In a conversation with Nerdist Gregg, who reprises his role as Agent Phil Coulson in Captain Marvel, calls the small but extremely loud group of toxic fans who have been putting out manufactured backlash against the film “sad”, likening them to dinosaurs on their way to extinction. Once they saw the film, they took exception to, of all things, Nick Fury & Carol Danvers doing dinner dishes together. “Nick Fury doesn’t do dishes!” If Nick wants to eat off clean dishes he does. (They are SO emotional! You should really smile more fellas.) Grown men feel washing dishes or liking cats somehow “castrates” him. What color is the sky on their world?

Here I thought offering to clean up after a meal is what good guests do. I guess they are too young to remember that Mel Gibson’s unhinged, unmistakably “manly” Ex-Special Forces badass Sgt. Martin Riggs helped with the dishes at his partner Danny Glover’s house after having dinner with his family in Lethal Weapon. The film Captain Marvel shares the most DNA with.

I think these guys need to seriously reconsider what it means to be a “man” in the 21st Century. Free themselves from limitations the toxic aspects of archaic male gender performance stereotypes impose on them. I’ve got the perfect online magazine for you to start that conversation in!